Will This Flower Be- Stephen Fuller

Will This Flower Be

Be near enough to me, Rose, that I might swallow thee

Only not to macerate but germinate inside the soul’s soil

Learn the tongue of an unknown man. Will this flower be

Like any other flower and simply live its life until composted

Or will this flower be unlike all the others and in doing so

Provide Art an imagination it had not known needed naming?

The tongue, at first, needs a little space to taste the breath

It shapes to know what it must to survive. Not all breath needs

The shape of these words in its reflexive act for survival,

Young poet, but survival depends on how you fill the space

With roses that emerge from that soil your soul cultivated.

Perhaps only God will hear your garden’s song, but sing, still.

He, being The Word, knows better than all others Poets must

Speak to Art’s imagination or just wallow in Narcissus’ pond.

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