Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- March 13, 2018

Writing Prompt Tuesday

Christine is known for her writing prompt challenges on her blog Brave and Reckless.  She is now hosting a Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge at the Go Dog Go Cafe.  The prompts are designed to be quick challenges that can be written in 10 to 15 minutes,  inspire you creatively, are fun, and get everyone interacting.  Please post your response to the prompt in the comments below and show your fellow posters some love and support.  All members of the Go Dog Go community, including Baristas, are welcome to participate.  Feel free to share this post on your own blogs and/or Facebook.

Christine is always looking for cool, quick writing prompts.  If you have a great idea for a future Tuesday prompt challenge, send it to her at christine.e.ray@gmail.com

Today’s prompt

Challenge: Write about a life experience using only ten objects. 

Example: This is about my life as a social worker at Eastern Pennsylvania Psychiatric Institute (EPPI) in the 1990s

Skeleton keys

Locked doors

Institutional green walls


Psychosocial assessments

Biting teeth

Shoes covered in ink


Bomb shelter

Bullet through glass


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40 thoughts on “Tuesday Writing Prompt Challenge- March 13, 2018

  1. Great prompt. This made me think of my time as an early intervention speech therapist. I traveled about the county providing services to handicapped babies and their families in their homes. In the 80s and 90s, my caseload was filled with babies disabled from crack-cocaine and the AIDS virus.
    Sticky tables
    Hot tears
    Toothless smiles
    Musical toys
    Clapping hands
    Baby spoons
    Toy bags
    Plastic gloves

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  2. Laboratory Store – First Day 1970:

    British Thornton slide-rule – still have!
    White laboratory coats – two
    Safety glasses – non-prescription days
    Lab book – keep neat okay!
    Pen and ruler – just like school
    Barrier cream – wished I’d used it more
    Gloves – thin to thick all kinds
    Hand-held calculator, laptop, not invented yet

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  3. Great prompt! This made me think of staying home with my kids after I got laid off. They were 4&5 at the time and we spent 8 fantastic months playing! This was hard for me because I’m more conscious of feeling doing than things so I wanted to write “reading” instead of “books” but it’s good to stretch a little!

    Baby dolls
    Swing set
    Tea set
    Teddy bear
    Ice skates

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  4. What a fabulous blog to stumble upon and thank you for the challenge ❤️

    10 Things from my experience as a mom
    Baby bottles
    Matchbox Cars
    SpongeBob SquarePants
    Baseball Games
    Learner’s Permits
    First kisses
    Cap and gown
    College dorm
    Empty nest

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  6. My first time here and here are my objects. Funny how certain things can be such intimate reflections of your life. Mine relates to travelling in Scotland in 2016. A long journey but one filled with anticipation and a heart that got lighter with the miles:

    Weathered journal
    BIC pen
    Adjustable walking stick
    Laptop computer
    Smiles of serenity
    Favourite old jumper
    Scent bottle, redolent of old roses
    Writing paper
    Favourite music

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  7. This is great. Ten things regarding a near fatal car accident:

    99 Red Balloons
    Route 17
    Red light
    Tractor trailer
    No brakes
    Breaking glass
    Unknown hero

    Not the nicest memory, just a very vivid one 😕

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  8. What a fascinating collection already, impressive!
    Mine was work and travel … all I did for many years
    visa application forms
    tent in hotel grounds
    foreign food

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  9. Here is my contribution. 10 things about growing up with four siblings

    one room
    closet sharing
    giggles after the lights out
    nonsense fights
    siblings rivalry
    strongest bond
    same attire
    best secret keepers

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  11. Such a wonderful idea to express one of your life experience using 10 objects. Well mine is while getting married to the Love of my Life.
    #Love Arranged
    #Food Menu
    #Wedding Trousseau
    #The Ring
    #Invitation cards
    #Music and Fun
    #The BIG DAY
    # Blessings
    # “Hea Bacnct” (Happily Ever After)


  12. First day on my first real job as a middle school teacher… Oh how this changed over the years!

    Clean desk
    Notes on podium (what if I forget what I want to say)
    Overhead projector
    Welcome bulletin board
    Desks in rows
    Garfield posters about books, writing
    Lesson plan book
    High heels

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