Already Broken-Devereaux Frazier

The devil can’t break me
I’m already broken
Family said they don’t want to be around me
Dad left and ran as far as the eye can see
I’m already broken
Friends come and go with the wind
And I just don’t fit in
Girls…another story altogether
I’m weird for loving bad weather
I’m weird for writing poetry
The words I’ll never say but want to be
Weird for not being physical enough
“Man up” or get roughed up
Weird for being too deep, too emotional
Weird for being unstable
I’m already broken
Although they try to say they understand
They think they know me
I tell them think again
Then they get scared
Because they won’t go where I reside
They won’t stoop where I’ve stood
They won’t get dirty where I’ve dealt
They won’t
They won’t
But I’m weird for what they will
I’m weird for having particular passions
I’m weird for having odd reactions
Wonder why
It’s already been spoken
And I’m

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