No Ordinary Day- Stephen Fuller

This week I return to another catablogging response, this time to the wonderful Alisa Hutton at  This one was culled from her poems that discussed the ocean.  I cut and pasted all the lines with the word ocean in them. Then challenged myself to find a narrative arc beginning with “The ordinary day/ my ocean died.” It took some time to get to that arc, but it ended up being one about healing and a She – reading Alisa’s poems there is a “She” that runs through the lines as a character – perhaps this is the same She, or a different She. I think, mine is Ocean, my first Love.  I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed reading Alisa’s fine poetry.

no ordinary day

that ordinary day

my ocean died

She took my hand

led me through

my deepest fears

in Her gentle arms

breathing salt air

She whispered tides

no one would notice

they swallowed me

we drank medronho

far from the edge

where fish

offered nourishment

healing and growth

we sank we rose

She washed over me

that clear winter night

when the moon danced

dusted with magic

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