Barista Favorite: Anxiety AM/Nicholas Gagnier

We had a tie for Barista favorite for February 19th’s Promote Yourself Monday at Go Dog Go Cafe. It is our honor to publish this piece from Nicholas Gagnier of Free Verse Revolution.


Good morning, sir! If I might
have a word,
some advice?

Smile more.
Live healthy.

If you have something
to whisper, it’s probably worth
bellowing once or twice.

makes a difference,
doesn’t it?

It’s pronounced anxiety, not
angst I-T, and it’s not
viably addressed.

Good morning, ma’am, is that
coffee on your
flowered dress?

You may want to
invest in bleach, before it seeps
into your reputation. Trust me,
I know.

fellow citizens!

Be happy,
positive, because waiting
for daybreak is
too obvious,
and we’re a happy
bunch of goddamned cynics.

Complacency expected, poison
at my table that passes
for family breakfast, despite
sitting by myself.

Good morning America,
whatcha so scared of?

And now a
word from
our sponsors, telling us
all to

go to Hell.

Good morning, kind sir, my mind is not okay. I don’t want to see the sun today, your comforts not my concern. Morning ma’am, I don’t give a damn what you’ve heard, I’m tired of civility I’m forced to feign.

I bid you all a good evening before all these people I hate realize exactly what I am.

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