LIVING WITH A DISGUISE- Charles Robert Lindholm

By Charles Robert Lindholm

I’m Not Sure I Know
When It Happened
It Must Have Been
A Subtle Thing

Coloring In A Book
Drawing On A Blank Page
Singing To Myself
Pretending And Make Believe,

It Was Fun,
And All Seemed
Worth Doing
When I Was A Child

Maybe It Was School
And Wanting Everyone
To Have The Same Answer
To Do Things The “Right Way”
Believe The Same
And Conform

Peer Pressure And Authority
Working Hand In Glove
To Turn Out A Standardized
Student That Would Fit
Easily Into A World
Of Adults That Didn’t
Rock The Boat Or
Challenge Authority,
Tradition Or Religion

Maybe It Was The Bible,
Wanting Us To “Put Away
Childish Things” That
Made Me Want To Rebel,
To Hold Onto The Joy
I Always Felt Being
Playful, Creative
And Different,
To Stay A Child
At Heart

Whatever It Was
And Whenever It Happened
I Started To Learn
How To Live
In A Disguise

A Camouflaged Life
That Hid The Truth
From The Doubters
The Naysayers
And Dream Killers

That Snuff Out
The Inner Child
Trying To Survive
Into Maturity

I Have Hidden
In The Shadows
And Darkness
Behind A Mask
That Has Protected Me,
A Life In Disguise

And Finally,
At Three Score
And Almost Ten
I Have Vowed To
Live At The Age
My Heart And Soul
Has Always Felt
Like Being

The Age Of A Child
Playful, Silly
And Creative
With Joy,
And Love
For All

My Inner Child
Has Survived,
A Little
Worn, Torn
And Tattered
From Living
Life In Disguise
Through The Years

But Still In One
And Learning
To Love Life
In The Sunshine
And As A Poet

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Inspired from Ursla K. Le Guin’s quote:


19 thoughts on “LIVING WITH A DISGUISE- Charles Robert Lindholm

  1. I love this poem, Chuck. It speaks to me more loudly and clearly than anything else you have written, as if you crawled into my own head and wrote my own thoughts. I am fortunate to learn from your wisdom a score before, though! Stephen

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Stephen for your kind comment! It makes me very happy to know that this spoke so personally to you! It was that for me too! I promise there was no trespassing involved – maybe I was just eavesdropping to you “Talking Out Loud” to yourself? Wisdom? Well, maybe? Isn’t wisdom just being able to learn from someone else’s experience so you don’t have to fall into the same holes they did on Life’s road? And you got it a score earlier!!! It does kind of tempt you into wondering what if though doesn’t it? If you had been able or willing to head in the direction of your passion earlier, at the first opportunity? I’m glad my crooked path finally got me here!

      Liked by 1 person

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