In Memory of Kohyama- Devereaux Frazier



The voice of autumn

Carries on southbound trains

To and fro they traverse the earth

Listening to the calls of the needy

And the forgotten

Value your child

Then value education

In valuing education

The child learns the invaluable

The seen is a tool for the evil

Physical manipulation of the Earth

Has always been an out for the wicked ones

Until you confess before the unseen

And realize that everything is a dream

But in a dream

We wilt and wallow beneath our own laws

Man’s structures collapse under its own weight

And it would seem God has it out for us

But in reality, we rise and resurrect our own fate

Our lives are the culmination of choices

Our thoughts are the manifestation of voices

The voice of autumn

Is brought forth by night and day

What we do with these spirits

Is our own choice to make

7 thoughts on “In Memory of Kohyama- Devereaux Frazier

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