Barista Favorite: Midnight Series/Le Nandini

February 15th was the first Pay It Forward Thursday at Go Dog Go Cafe.  We would like to share the Barista Favorite with all of you, a series of poems written by Le Nandini.  Le Nandini has given us permission to share a few pieces in the Midnight series here, but we recommend going and reading more of them on her blog.



Your skin like velvet running under my fingertips.

I have learnt your body in braille.
Loving you is the most elegant form of self destruction.



There is a deep desire in me,
Somewhere penetrated deep into my soul, beyond all explanation.
To diverge, to abscond, to drift aimlessly perpetually.
Quivering beneath my surface, trembling through my bones,
Pecking my organs, electrifying my heart , fizzling through my nerves.

That pure desire to sculpt a new path,
Start a new adventure, changing everything that I have ever known,
My identity, my looks, my everything,

To just go and never look back, never go back,
To have zero regret and fall deeply in love with that open road.



Some take a peek at my contents page,
others skim through and make for a fun paragraph.
Some stay around for a few chapters,
others pick up a pen and write a sentence that alters everything.
But you,
You cradled my book to your chest,
dusted it off, understood every word of every page.
Dipped the thickest of brushes into paint,
And made a declaration that spoke louder than words,
That you were not there to write the remaining chapters, but to splatter them with color.

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