Poem: Free Verse – “Worth Forgetting” #GoDogGoCafe #poetry #amwriting

Credit: Cynthia Magna via Unsplash

What worth have I?

No silver for your wallet,

No bills to fit your list of skills.

Not even labour’s sweat;

What worth have I?

To work successfully,

To do both what I love,

And what inspires my deepest passions.

Paint textured, thick with colors brilliant,

Blended in impressionist grace;

Or charming words that express the painting,

That describe it’s bold and vivid emotional release.

What worth have I?

To constant exploration,

More education on the job and off.

For entertaining and networking,

When three hours later, I’m washed-out in sleep,

Brought in by the waves, the mermaid trapped on sand.

Continued glasses of wine, tiring, but required to tolerate,

Plastic smiles, eyes glazed with Cabernet;

On a night with speeches said at a sloth’s pace.

A favorite past-time, sometimes loathed.

What good am I?

I used to be able to do almost anything;

Today, my list is stunted;

My dreams expand, become bigger —

But what worth am I?

With fatigue, eyes closing, days I can’t function,

Stuck in bed exhausted.

When I need to power on,

What good am I?

When I can’t think straight or move,

When my worth is merely good enough,

Gambling with underlings.

Lips tight, ignoring their abuse,

Entitled children without a clue.

Not even yet aware,

For a few of them —

My reality is their future too;

Everyone has something,

A cross to bear, a thorn digging in,

But some mountains are to much to climb.

Some mountains cave in, some mountains spit lava,

Even stone fortresses,

Crumble and slide as people break too.

Become piles of rock, burying towns —

Sometimes rocks rumble,

Hiding all beneath, a flat surface remaining behind,

Slippery to rebuild upon.

Seismic activity is treacherous,

Seismic movement forces regrowth;

It’s hurtful and deadly.

In an instant, we must redefine ourselves,

Learn to flow, climb over giant rocks in our paths.

Become anything —

Create lemon-aid from peach trees,

Squeeze limes for margaritas,

Add some tequila, because no ones life works out,

And some days we all need to unwind,

With laughter and friends,

With the comfort of other, so that they and we —

Forget the lemon juice stinging,

The rocks hiding the Ithaca once forged.

©Mandibelle16. (2018) All Rights Reserved.

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