Guest Barista Michael Erickson- Rise

Cloaked in the future,

I stand and wait.

A sea of azure above my peak.

Such lofty heights do I stand,

Patiently waiting for you.

Take those first steps,

Beyond boundaries of fear.

Leap over the gaping worry,

Fly across the crippling doubt.

Rise above it all,

And stand from these heights.

As conquerors do we exist,

For we were made to succeed.

13 thoughts on “Guest Barista Michael Erickson- Rise

  1. Really great poem and love the positive spirit. Feels like the spirit we look for in the cafe, you know? I love it! Thank you for sharing inkowlme(love that name)!

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    • Thank you! It’s a pleasure to be a part of the group! I don’t think I could create these poems without the atmosphere that I feel with GoDogGoCafe. I’m excited to see what everyone else will bring to the table!

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