2 thoughts on “HAIKU: SWANS ON A LAKE

  1. Quite honestly Chuck, I do find it a bit odd that we admire some bird species because they mate for life. It is as though we recognise some higher virtue within them when, in fact, they do so (like us) for purely practical reasons.
    And even if it may have sounded rude it was not meant to be so …. just an alternate view. And you have inspired me to write Haiku for the first time in my (long) life. I still have a lot to learn. Obviously.

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  2. Yes, you have a point. I think sometimes we admire an ideal that isn’t always easy or possible to attain. You are right about marriage too. It is a contract in its origin that protected values and needs that are not always there any more. Women work and make more money than men and are no longer needing the financial security that once was required.

    I love the story of the blind men examining an elephant and all having different views (check it out on wikipedia) from each other. We don’t always get a 360 degree view of things now do we? Ha!

    Glad you were inspired to write Haiku! It is a format I have really come to love. Hope you will too.


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