Guest Barista Basilike Pappa- One (Ursula K. Le Guin Tribute)

Basilile Papa Le Guin ONE - Pinterest

We are no woman

no man

Upwards we fall through a golden light

undefined by genitalia

untranslatable wombsibs of this land

with a hundred words for ice

but only one for hearth

mother is a mason

holds us tight, tighter

in the folds of life

left to us is mindspeech

the old times, the new ways

as we bond in somer

we are human

as we fall in kemmer

upwards, always upwards


suns burning wild

copper-red light, tight, tighter

in electric embraces

we shape each other

blood are the tales of this love

fire the language of ice

the king is with child

in the act of creation, praise

There is time for motion and time for rest

there is even and odd, right and left

there is a beginning and there is an end

darkness and light walk hand in hand

but old times or new ways

somer or kemmer

love is love

We are one


Inspired by Le Guin’s The Left Hand of Darkness and the short story Coming of Age in Karhide.

Basilike Pappa lives in Greece. Her poetry has appeared on Rat’s Ass Review, Surreal Poetics and Bones – Journal for Contemporary Haiku. More of her work can be seen on Silent Hour.

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