On Becoming A Writer: Linda Lee Lyberg

An important part of every writer’s journey is the transition from seeing ourselves as “someone who writes” to seeing ourselves as writers.  We asked all the Go Dog Go Baristas to tell us a little bit about their journey as a writer.  We hope you enjoy learning more about the Baristas and are inspired by their stories.


When you did you start writing?

I have written all of my life, mostly for those close to me. I started to get serious about my writing in February 2017.

What kind of writing do you do?

I write various forms of poetry, and short stories.

Where do you find inspiration for your writing?

A lot of my writing comes from personal experience. Nature inspires me, the supernatural intrigues me, and I love a story with a good hook at the end. I surround myself with books, and read all types- from instructional to inspiring to silly fun. I believe most writers have keen observational skills. We can make the most mundane situation interesting by letting our imaginations run free.

What are you current writing rituals/practices? 

For many years, I was an executive in the retail industry. I was always jotting ideas/challenges, meeting notes, etc. on legal pads, or on my phone/IPad. These days, my preference is blank unlined white paper, and a 9MM lead pencil. I like the freedom the unlined paper gives me. Plus- lined paper reminds me of my old life, one I would rather keep tucked away. While it served me well to make a financially rewarding living, it also kept my free spirit from truly shining. My writing comes from somewhere else- a magical, sacred place.  Most of my stories occur by practicing ‘letting the story write itself’.

When did you start thinking of yourself as a writer?

I started thinking of myself as a writer in February 2017, when I made the leap and started my blog. I wasn’t sure where the journey was going to take me, but I have learned to just let it flow and take me where I am supposed to be.  I remember when people first started commenting on my pieces- it was so encouraging. I love getting the feedback, but truly I write for me. I think most writers would agree.

What are your future writing goals?

I want to write a full length novel someday. I will know when the time and subject matter is right. And I want to publish a book of my poems. Mostly, I want to keep honing my craft and being the best writer I possibly can be.

“God is love is God is prose is art.”- Linda Lee Lyberg

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