Death Comes as the End- Varnika Jain

death comes at the end Varnika Jain

Blank walls

And blank pages.

Nothing to account for

A life that was lived.

The still warm body

Looked peacefully at rest

Endowed with an eternal sleep.

Yet, still floating behind those closed eyes,

Lingering as if to prolong their goodbyes,

Were a myriad fluttering dreams.

One of youth,

Like a young girl chasing butterflies,

In a garden blooming with flowers,

With the calm trickling of a spring nearby.

One of romance,

As the first kiss of a young love,

Meeting under a star lit sky,

With secrecy moonlighting as it’s own blanket,

Braving the winter chills.

One of a new beginning,

Post the reality check of middle age,

The spirit of ambition reignited

As the straws of an empty nest are kindled.

One of profound grief,

Changing life, as one knew it, forever,

Going the remaining distance alone,

With no parter in this last endeavour.

And then

As last but not the least of dreams,

Death comes as the end.


Image courtesy of Pinterest

Varnika Jain is prone to having verbal epiphanies in the midst of all the cacophony surrounding her life.  She is a voracious reader, vociferous eater and a vehemently passionate writer. You can read more of her writing at Moonlighting Scrivener where you can find her changing the world, one word at a time.

2 thoughts on “Death Comes as the End- Varnika Jain

  1. Varnika, Thank you! I love how this weaves to hope of he past and present with the reality of the finality of life. It feels like the lesson of wisdom earned from living that will enable better living in the final hours, however long they may be. I connect deeply with this message!

    Thank you for writing and for sharing.


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