6 thoughts on “Uncertainty – Eugenia

  1. Transitions I think are hard because it is like giving up control and trusting that life, God, fate has a plan that will make sense. What if the change we seek doesn’t work out? That is my dear, but we must be brave.
    #bebrave. Amazing how powerful short poems are! Thank you for sharing.

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      • About a year ago I began the WordPress experience in earnest and my world began to transform and open and change in such positive ways. Since, some of that change became much more difficult than I expected. Now, though, the uncertainty becomes its own certainty and it seems okay. The question the constant rather than the answer. Before, I always wanted the answer, now I seem to get to an answer and then immediately question it. And, you know, it feels right more than ever to do that. Because the answers I thought I had ended up being something… not entirely certain. Sort of all esoteric, Christine will say, but, I call myself Richie Cunningham these days… because all a sudden he was not on happy days, but still very much part of the show.

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