Poetry inspired by Davy and Emily D


sunrise over Malaysia’s central mountain range, I woke up early one holiday morning and caught this

I am writing a series of thoughts for 2018 each week I have a new prompt. When I wrote this week’s I saw a poem form. Here it is. If you’d like to read the full story you can here.

I have a small house and it is my sanctuary
I also feel at home under a big tree
feeling loved by the gentle breeze
and rustling leaves.

But I am safest when I am honest with myself,
That’s truly being home with me.

We wander aimlessly looking for attention
and affirmation
from the world around us
yet only end up with second hand consolation

Meet with yourself,
especially at that lonely midnight hour,
when there’s no one to reach out to
or talk to,

reach deep within yourself
and encounter you.
Sometimes it may be
a very terrifying figure you might encounter,

almost ghost like because you neglected you
in search of another person or object to comfort you
You are the home you build with the raw energy
and inner power you possess infinitely.

I am home even when I alone, for I am not lonely,
I am safe in the arms of my own balanced psyche.

inside of me are chambers and apartments
that are locked away
and some open for public view,
I shut and open doors and windows
not in random order
but with a subconscious nature
asking to be understood.

But I can only be understood
if I am not afraid of myself,
and what I see inside of me.

I surprised myself the most
when I met my true self,
inside this host.

This post is partly inspired by Davy, a respected Barista here at Go Dog Go Treetop Cafe and his “Poetic Beats”; do listen to his reading and discourse on John Clear’s – “the Old Year’s Gone Away and by Emily Dickinson’s “One need not be a chamber to be haunted”

12 thoughts on “Poetry inspired by Davy and Emily D

  1. Thank you so much for this Gina and I am humbled and pleased to have provided some of the seed for your wonderful thoughts. We can live in many homes but the true home is the one we have inside us and carry with us every day. As you rightly say, if we find the truth inside ourselves then we learn to live in our true home. Thank you for sharing these thoughts Gina and for something to reflect on over the weekend. Have a good and blessed one.

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      • It’s truly my pleasure. I agree, although I haven’t read a ton of her stuff, but that’s true of what I have. I am in love with your vision and your seeking of truth. It’s said that humans only use about 10% of our brain’s capacity at any one time. Seems that is often true of our hearts as well. What a feeling it is to open it. All other senses and the ability to experience it all broadens beyond anything imaginable!

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      • I think by removing some restrictions I see with more clarity and usually there’s nothing wrong with the world, it’s me I need to sort out first, and as you say after that everything else falls into the right place. i am not intelligent or brilliant but i want to be a better, kinder person to myself first then to others. so much out there to teach us and for us to learn from, even our smallest error is a moment of self examination. I am happy I am on this journey with amazing people like you Angela. you add value to the life I want to lead.

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