Why a Poet #3

Varnika Jain/Moonlighting Scrivener

Moonlighting Scrivener

You say there’s pain in my poetry

I say there’s poetry in all pain.

You say there’s a sadness in my smile

I say I could find a smile in even sadness.

You say there is darkness in my light

I say there’s light in every darkness.

You say I walk without a care

I say,

I care.

I take all the pain, sadness, darkness and light

And open my arms to make it mine

Then do my utmost to make it rhyme

Even though I may miss a line

The poet in me will still shine.

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As always, thank you for reading!



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One thought on “Why a Poet #3

  1. I think this is an excellent idea for us to have a forum on here in the GDG: Why a poet? Suggestions from the Baristas and Guests?

    Thank you for sharing this poem and very healthy perspective on why one should write.


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