Haibun: Wolf Moon

The night is cold, perfect for a dip in the hot tub.
Naked, we step out into the brisk air and search for the full moon. Above us, the night sky is rampant with blue-black clouds, backlit by the beautiful orb. Like her namesake she scratches and bites at the shape shifting shadows, howling for her rightful place in the pack. This is my night- away with you filthy beasts!

We dip our toes into the steaming water, and immerse ourselves into the lighted depths. As the tensions of the day dissolve and evaporate into the mist, the vivid blue wolf makes her shadowy debut.


At war with the clouds
wolf moon howls for rightful place
cold southwest sky glows


©2018 Linda Lee Lyberg


Photo by: Linda Lee Lyberg

11 thoughts on “Haibun: Wolf Moon

  1. Excellent imagery and sense of place and moment, Linda.

    Seems there is a wolf and moon theme developing at the cafe this week!

    An inspiration:

    The moon and wolf howl in chorus
    The Great Night’s Orb throbbing
    With each oooooo from the beast
    Untamed within the crawl of night.
    In our embrace, we think us alone
    Yet watchful eyes look down to see
    A familiar naked ode written on flesh
    That gives reason to rise up and howl
    Again, again, and again. Oooooooo!

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