After Hours: Manic Monday

Can you run your hands

over my bare back?

Tangle your fingers

in my hair?

Draw me into your arms

make me liquid

Help me get me lost

in your kiss

I need the world

to fade away

for just a few hours more this

manic Monday

Let’s get lost in silk skin

entwined limbs

warm mouths

arch into each other under the covers

let go of self

in that place where time has no meaning

and I have no boundaries

no limitations


© 2017 Christine Elizabeth Ray – All rights Reserved

3 thoughts on “After Hours: Manic Monday

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  2. Dynamic forces of life contradict
    Sensuality like an in between state
    Water drips off seeming permanent
    Ice, firm yet dissolving inside warmth
    Transforms pliable earth in its path’s
    Thrust along the tenderest soil of life.


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