Ask A Barista: January 13, 2018



Our question tonight comes from Missy at Sparkle on Her Face

Question: I am a new bee and I love writing.  You page is amazing. I would like to learn more how you make money writing. I am very interested. Thanks.

Answer: You ask an excellent question that I don’t think any of our Baristas are fully qualified to answer.  The Go Dog Go site is not monetized, and to the best of my knowledge, none of the Baristas are full-time professional writers or editors.  This is truly a labor of love.  Several of us have our fantasies about getting published, but the reality is most independent writers are happy just to see their name in print and lucky to break even if they do.  The publishing industry has changed dramatically over the last fifteen years and there are very few success stories like J.K. Rowlings.  Even many authors signed by major publishers these days have to do the vast majority of marketing their own books.

That said, WordPress does have information available on ways to monetize blogs.  Upwork is an online site for freelance writers and editors to connect with consumers looking for these services. It has a good reputation and may be a place to start if you are looking to get your toes wet as a professional writer.

I have done freelance editing in the past, primarily of doctoral dissertations and other technical writing.  That happened primarily because I was in the right place at the right time and had an unusual skill set that somebody needed.  The first job led to a second via word of mouth.

Is anyone else experienced with generating income from their writing or blogging?  What advice would you give?

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6 thoughts on “Ask A Barista: January 13, 2018

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  2. Hi Missy,
    just sharing my own experience here and not pretending to know it all! I wanted to do the same. I looked for local writing groups in my city and country, I met some through Facebook and from my book club, then got connected to published writers. I have been contributing regularly to a local magazine that pays quite nicely for a monthly article. but my creativity is limited to the desired topic, that’s a sacrifice I am happy to make to hone my skill and not just write what i like, I am sure there will be contrasting views on this but it’s my way of finding out how much I could expand as a writer. Connecting with local writers gets you on a platform in your community, where I see a growing trend here in Malaysia, of looking inwards to our own talent as well as internationally. In addition I looked out for literary fests and writing retreats, you will find helpful souls as well as snobs who just want to protect their space. In the end you will develop a tough shell. And find the direction you want to go. as Christine has said, i am not going to get rich quick or maybe never but it’s the satisfaction of having a voice and seeing my words taken seriously. I hope this has been useful. Lots of luck, hope and love from me….Gina@Singledust.

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  3. Can i just butt in? (Lol) l am not a barista but i’d like to share my thoughts…

    This is really an interesting topic…and will have to agree with Gina and Christine…book publishing has indeed changed dramatically over the years and yes no matter how much we tried and no matter how much we wanted its a tough world out there…but i would suggest to start growing where you are…get part time jobs locally on writing for ads, local news feeds on cable..etc..i tried that and its okay get call backs from time to time…another good writing kick off is join literary competetions..and be active in the Christine i edit thesis, research papers and dissertations…

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