my view- Gina@Singledust


my view on the light rail transit one evening and inspired these thoughts

The elusive horizon
challenged the sun
“chase your shadow”
And the train tracks carried away all her sorrow

With a sideways view
She fell through
“it’s leaving the page”
And her thoughts became actors on the stage

Tesla’s pride would have been evident
She burned electric blue like his current


Hope & Light


“trust your heart if the seas catch fire” – e.e cummings

18 thoughts on “my view- Gina@Singledust

    • you caught me there Ivor, I write more than I speak in real life! it was a contemplative moment and the view sometimes just gets to that place I try to bury under all the layers. Plus I am a science geek and Tesla’s vision has always played on my mind. thank you for reading and I enjoy knowing how the words settled in you.

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    • thanks JR, sometimes there’s a spark of magic in the air that lingers only for a moment, catch it and lovely words tumble out. I think I am easily amazed by the world around me – LOL!


    • thank you so much for reading and this lovely comment, very insightful I must say. you very closely described my feelings as I rode the train that day, the sun setting behind the pylons as I leaned against the glass window made a most inspirational view. and yes a train ride can create all sorts of fantasy. I am so glad the words spoke to you as they have and you have such a sensitive soul to see more than the words say. thank you again….Gina

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