Checking in with The Reluctant Poet

This week, I revisit a response poem to our Cafe’s very own Chuck, The Reluctant Poet, one of the first poets “catablogged”.  Chuck had enthusiastically embraced an offhand comment made on Mr. Davy D’s wonderful blog about writing during the backside of the night (i.e. the crack of dawn, just made this “butt” connection, sort of makes the whole thing a little more amusing).  I followed his neon breadcrumbs of enthusiasm to The Reluctant Poet and dug in for a week, reading everything he had posted (and now feeling grateful that he hadn’t hit his current stride!  I would still be reading…).  Nonetheless, Chuck had a small handful of poems then and now he is a presence here in the cafe and all around the poetic world at Word Press: discovering, sharing, writing.  He truly embraces the core values of the Go Dog Go Cafe: community, inclusion, and a passion for poetry.

I think we can all draw inspiration from that, no?

Checking in with The Reluctant Poet

What is reluctant about, you, Poet?
Reluctance for me to know your words?
I can relate, Poet, I can relate.

My words remained tangled up inside
Wanting to find places to run and hide
I can relate, Poet, I can relate.

In November, a memory wouldn’t let go
Its cadence and rhythms, so you sang along.
I can relate, Poet, I can relate.

In December, the wind gently whispered
Lies in between the rustling autumn leaves.
I can relate, Poet, I can relate.

In January, it was the universe that spoke
And lied to you that you are but a scribe
I can relate, Poet, I can relate.

In February, you found the backside of night
And waited for your muse in the silent stillness.
I can relate, Poet, I can relate.

Now we are in March and you drop a pebble
In the pond to watch its ripples kiss my shore.
I can relate, Poet, I can relate.

Poet, that ripple sings to me of your universe
Like the wind whispers the truth you hide in lies
Like memories we cannot mistake as they run away.

Enough reluctance, Poet, I can relate after
I listened to you sing to me what matters in dreams,
Whispers and memories that you gave life in words.

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6 thoughts on “Checking in with The Reluctant Poet

  1. really lovely to see how Charles has evolved to be a not so reluctant poet anymore, the cafe is a place that encourages and celebrates the poet and writer that just needs to speak. thank you for this lovely poem Stephen.

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