Ask A Barista January 11, 2018

nathan-dumlao-298337Our first question to be featured on Ask Barista comes from Viola Blue at Ideas Become Words

Question: First, I’d like to start with a white chocolate mocha and then my question, should you have time for one today, would be:
Many people suggest publishing blogs at the same time/day for more successful traffic. Do you agree?
My brain works in random ways, hence my posts to date have been posted at random times ….
Cream on top please x

Answer: My answer to this is going to be purely anecdotal.  I do try to publish at least one blog post around the same time every day.  I have been blogging long enough that I have a pretty big stockpile of previous writing that many of my newer followers have not read yet and my more long term followers (and sometimes even I!) have forgotten about.  I schedule one of these older pieces to republish at 10 am every day.  If I am going to publish a Daily Song on any given day I will try to publish it for between 3 to 4 pm just to spread them out.  I am pretty spontaneous with new writing and publish it when my muse finishes with me.

Does scheduling for the same time every day bring me more traffic?  I honestly have no idea, but there are writers who I follow regularly who publish at a consistent time every day and I miss them when they don’t publish when I expect them to.  One of my favorite writers publishes around 3 to 3:30 each day and reading his posts are a guilty pleasure during my afternoon break at work.

That white chocolate mocha with cream coming right up Viola!


Does anyone else have an opinion on Viola’s excellent question?

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43 thoughts on “Ask A Barista January 11, 2018

  1. I’ve been blogging around six years or so now. It’s great to have time to write and schedule posts or to write up a ‘rough draft’ than edit and post it later but these days I don’t find I always have time. That would include having the majority of my blog posts publish at a specific time of day. My goal is to post once a day but often I find I have a day where I can post two to three short pieces or one long one, than the next day I’m too busy with other things. Sometimes I need to respond to comments and read other blogs rather than write.

    My exception is that with Writer/blogger interviews I always try to schedule them at least a day ahead of time. The same with a set of quotes I do twice a month. Also I host a Music Challenge Prompt on another site and that one I also schedule and try very diligently to publish it at 6:00 A.M. GMT, the time all posts/prompts are published on this site for all bloggers who want to participate.

    Although I have never though too much about the time I publish my own writing, I do agree that some of my favorite bloggers do publish at certain times and I expect these posts around certain times. Sometimes though I feel it’s more that I expect some in the Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and late Night, rather a specific time.

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  3. Happy to reply, and also new to your lovely blog! Thanks for being another wonderful place I can stop by and read! I am newer to blogging (last couple of years) and only more recently have really committed to posting more often. Funny enough I don’t post as often because I worry my readers will feel worn out receiving my posts in their email. But it’s lovely to hear that when you connect with a reader, you’d like to read them every day. Personally when I post varies dependent on when inspiration hits and my day job, but I am inspired by what you have written here, and I’m going to aim to write more often and more consistently! Thanks for the words.

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    • Away in Autumn,

      I am afraid I am doing this from my phone and am not tech savvy enough to get to your about page to better personalize my response.

      So first of all, welcome to the cafe! What is your caffeinated poison of choice?

      I am reminded in Christine’s post and your comment of the importance of discipline in writing. Every writing book I have read can be distilled to one bit of first advice: SHOW UP. Pick a time, have something/someone to hold yourself accountable like WordPress and your loyal followers. Even if it isn’t something you love, post it, maybe come back to it in time, but get it out there. The act of writing, like anything of value has to be allowed bad days.

      Really wonderful to have you here and hope to see you often.

      Stephen 😁

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      • Wow, thanks for such a lovely response to my comment. I thank you for the warm welcome. I am sadly (?) not a coffee drinker, but I do love a good chai tea latte with lots of fluffy milk, cinnamon, nutmeg and chocolate sprinkles, and anything else someone might choose to add. A nice apple cider works for me too! Some cafes carry this in the winter, some not.

        I also thank you for your comments on blogging and posting with discipline. A good one for me to work on. And the words “Show up!” and picking a time everyday to hold myself accountable. But my favourite things you wrote was this: “The act of writing, like anything of value has to be allowed bad days.” What a wonderful idea for loving and having grace for everything I write, even on the bad days… I am encouraged and will continue to visit your site. Thank you!

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    • being new is scary isn’t it?! and we are looking for affirmation and also wondering if there rules to obey. but I like Steve’s response to your comment, to be disciplined and true to yourself is most important, after a time writing becomes a more personal journey and people read even if you post a lot as it’s your story. happy writing!

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  4. It is a good question and I often wonder myself.
    I am pretty random, for all kinds of reasons, and I do find it interesting to see the different people reading because of the different times.
    But I am also thinking that the reader doesn’t show all of the blogs I follow…and I know mine hasn’t always shown up in others either. (I often don’t see the cafe’s posts as one example…not happy about that…and while I am here I would love a coffee, but it might be a little late for my northern hemisphere friends 🙂 )

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    • Vanessa,

      Wonderful to have you visit the cafe! Know that we stay open 24 hours for our friends in opposite hemispheres both north and south, east and west. Which reminds me of one thought from my own experience.

      When I began posting in earnest, I was in Singapore and found an audience in that corner of the world, so this cafe boasts boasts Baristas and guests from all over the world. We connect regardless of time zones. So in this respect I truly believe that the time of the post doesn’t matter, for there are people around the world who are eager to share their words and reciprocate by reading, listening, commenting.

      The value of this community is the connection. Take you as a case in point! How grateful we all are to have one of our founding members return for a cup!

      Welcome back, we all hope to see you often.


      Big smiley face😁

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      • Hi Stephen!
        Thank you for your generous comment! and I am, likewise, really happy to see you around more too!

        Your second paragraph, I agree. That is what I meant when I said I enjoy seeing the different people at different times, because at first, I thought I should schedule my posts, but I was a little intrigued to see the different activity at different times. Maybe I should do both? 🙂
        But I am also interested in the psychology of not over posting…hmmmm, and how paranoid I can be maybe lol. But I digress…

        So where are you these days? Are you back in the States?

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    • Love the shower of comments and thoughts! I agree with Christine that when a certain blogger i like and follow doesn’t have a post at a designated time I think they will appear I feel a little gloom, and am excited when I do see their post come up later, so it’s an individual thing. Having said that I do also believe a post can be written at the time you are most inspired and then scheduled to appear live at another time you are free to reply comments and connect with readers, blogging isn’t just writing it’s communicating too in my humble opinion. I love the interaction that’s happening here and it’s lots of good advice from shared experiences. Oh almost forgot…..make mine a caramel macchiato, I need sugar today!

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      • Ugh I was just in the middle of a comment and my computer froze and I lost it darn it. The comment, I mean. Not my sanity 🙂
        I didn’t have a clue what to expect when I first started blogging. I was so amazed anyone read what I wrote. And I had no clue about the wealth of talent in the blogging world either. It’s been so much more than I ever anticipated. So I agree, the connecting is a big part of it!

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      • hah that’s happened often to me sometimes in the middle of long emails and I am like what just happened! and I always forget what I was going on about.

        Your writing is very cerebral Vanessa, and you attract a lot of attention and admiration from your mindfulness writing of the things happening around you.

        I love the connection but have to safeguard my time, one of the things I need to be mindful of as I can get carried away with the comments sections. But it is in the connection we get inspired to write even more I believe.

        Lovely weekend to you my dear friend and happy we have connected here too!

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      • Gina, your comment really made me smile…haha I have the same bewilderment with a lot of technology actually!

        Thank you for your kind comments! That means so much to me when I admire your thoughtful and beautiful writing so much.

        And I agree about the time thing. One of the biggest challenges these days, isn’t it?

        And my weekend is lovely, thank you. Hope yours is too!

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