Ask A Barista


Are you a WordPress newbie or an experienced blogger considering making changes? Do you have questions about writing or blogging?  Are you trying to decide whether you should use social media to promote your writing? Are you working on a new piece and need some feedback?  Ask A Barista!

Christine of Brave and Reckless will moderate our new Ask A Barista series and will tackle your questions with help from the other experienced Baristas at Go Dog Go Café.

Please use the embedded contact form or email the Baristas at with your questions, challenges or work you would like feedback on.  We will post these questions and responses on Go Dog Go—please let us know what name you would like to be referred by or whether you wish to be anonymous.

6 thoughts on “Ask A Barista

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  2. Well this is exciting … thank you to Brave&Reckless blog-master xxxx for bringing this to my attention. First, I’d like to start with a white chocolate mocha and then my question, should you have time for one today, would be:
    Many people suggest publishing blogs at the same time/day for more successful traffic. Do you agree?
    My brain works in random ways, hence my posts to date have been posted at random times ….
    Cream on top please x

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