By Charles Robert Lindholm

In Dreams And Faded Photos
I Saved The Memories
I Want To Keep
The Ones I Treasure
And Savor
From Time To Time
In Daydreams
And In The Darkness Of The Night

The Me I Used To Be
But Can Never Be Again
The Happy Times,
In Love
And Unknowing

Do Nightmares
Count As Dreams?
Not Exactly
A Wish My Heart Makes!

But I Can’t Seem
To Get Rid Of Them Either
But The Painful Photos
Have Been Buried
In The Sand From
My Life’s Hourglass

I Love To Shut My Eyes
And See The Used To Be Me
In My Dreams
And I Look At Faded Photos
And Remember Me Then
in the memories I keep

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Inspired by a comment to Fiona’s “The Road To Becoming The Best I Can Be”


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