The Lost Rhythm & a Young Aged Author


Somewhere I had read, might have listened, a musician never retired; he just leaves the stage to find the rhythm again.

This cafe when started, I was the most excited one being part of it. And I’m still.

For last few months, I’m struggling with this continuous interim writer block followed by writer cramp and then again into the block. This doesn’t though haven’t stopped me writing, but, they were turning to some sort of same things spoken in a loop. As Meenakshidi from Wings of Poetry pointed death had become an integral part of my almost every poem; Gina points out the loneliness coming back and getting weave into poems.

Then I found out, rather noticed, my poems started getting fewer readers. Like I can recollect one of my poem back in October got only 1 Like in 12 hours and stats shows there were near to 12 readers of that poem at the time. Then slowly the number shows a sharp decline and I found out that my poems are not getting much Like. Now, I’m using Like as scale ’cause it’s to me is the number of readers read or like or both, and in this context, I will like to say I don’t write for garnering Likes. Many of my readers I found are not coming and reading my poems; few who used to comment on my whatever I write just Like and leave or sometimes never do that, though, they have posted one that day.

So all these factors–block, decreasing and all let me realize I shall leave the stage for a few time. I thus stopped reading other posts and most of the time give them amiss. I know that has affected a lot my blog, but, I was, and still, not in the mood to read them almost every time. And I also stopped writing, posted one or nothing in a week or two.

I read all of your mails and I want to reply them, but, next moment I find myself in loss of words. I couldn’t get what shall I said. This might happen because I cannot contribute much to this cafe and a guilt that arise from this. I know some of you may console me on this, especially Gina, but, believe me, I feel very much guilt for not replying to the mail or not contributing as I’ve promised.

This one you can consider as an apology as well as a promise that when I’ll find my rhythm again I’ll come and sit here. For the time being, I’m taking a leave. And thanks for keeping me on the hook. Hope to see you soon.



6 thoughts on “The Lost Rhythm & a Young Aged Author

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  2. Hey there,

    As someone who has faced this herself on the digital platform, I completely understand where you are coming from. I recently started my YouTube channel and keep checking it obsessively from time to time to see if more people viewed/liked it. Sometimes, it’s just sad to not see enough validation of the hard work that we put into creating any kind of content. That said, there are couple of learning in this:

    1. Success in the digital platform is about contributing to the community. I know a lot of bloggers who may not exactly post top quality content, but still have strong readership because they are active participants in the community – they read other people’s blogs and engage with them. You could try this – who knows, some post that you read might inspire your own writing.

    2. If people suddenly stopped coming on your platform, that does not necessarily reflect their lack of interest in your content. We need to understand that there are actual human beings on the other side of the platform, who have other things to do in life besides being on our platform. This mindset helps me calm my anxious nerves when I do not see enough engagement in my posts/videos.

    Nonetheless, enjoy your break and come back strong! I know you can do it. 🙂


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  3. hi Sangbad, I read your words here more than once to get to the place you are at now. Inspiration comes and goes and sometimes it can be gone for a long time before we allow it back into our lives, yes we do have control over these things, subconsciously we do. But as you so well put it, sometimes we need to take a bow and get off the stage to refresh and renew ourselves. Our talent is still there, we sharpen our skills in different ways, reading, watching movies or even just being out in nature, something will spark the flame again. and we come back stronger and different if not better. I write to encourage you because you are the poet of my heart, my Mr Romantic poet who writes with much passion, and part of that passion comes from the hurt and loneliness you bear. It gives a lot of authenticity to your writing. So take a break, enjoy the last of the winter days in Kolkata, and savour the things life brings to you. We will duet again my friend.

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