Interview with Sarah Whiley: Writer, Blogger, Teacher, & Future Author #interview #nonfiction #amwriting #nonfiction #GoDoGoCafe

Check out Writer, Blogger, Teacher, and Poet’s, Sarah Whiley’s Interview. Sarah leads a fascinating life and is a gifted writer!! Also, look for her ‘Saturday Mix’ prompts on as well as checking out her fantastic blog!


Welcome to another writer/blogger interview. Today I’m interviewing the wonderful, talented, and gorgeous Sarah Whiley who I have come to know through the prompt website MindLoveMisery`s Menagerie (MLMM). Sarah`s personal blog is called: By Sarah. You can also look for her to do the Saturday Mix prompt on MLMM. Here`s the link to last week`s prompt: Same Same but Different December 30.

Sarah Whiley Interview Pic 1 Credit: Sarah Whiley

1. Sarah, Please Tell Us About Yourself? What Are Your Writing and Blogging Goals? What Do You Hope to Accomplish by Writing? 

My name is Sarah Whiley and I live in north-east Victoria, in Australia. My blog is: ‘By Sarah. I’m a primary school teacher of 17 years and have taught all ages from 5 to 12 years old. I have always loved writing since I could pick up a pencil and create. I am passionate about instilling this same love…

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4 thoughts on “Interview with Sarah Whiley: Writer, Blogger, Teacher, & Future Author #interview #nonfiction #amwriting #nonfiction #GoDoGoCafe

  1. Excellent interview with a woman who clearly exudes spirit and passion for writing. I can imagine her students are grateful to have her as a teacher.

    Perhaps what I love most about this community is how we connect to people around the world with similar passions and values and spirit. Gives us something good to believe in during a time in our world history where finding the goodness seems too difficult.

    For sharing this Miss Mandibelle, we should all be grateful for the important work that you are doing.

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