Guest Barista Eric Syrdal- Remittance…

“What would you do for me?” She asked

As the night wind tangled the strawberry blonde across her shoulders

“What would you do, if I should give you my heart?”

“What weight of rich man’s gold could come by the wagon load to pay for such a prize?”

“Do you think you can summon all the stars from the sky for me”

“For so Immortal a gift, would you give me the heart of the universe in return?”

She reached out
and taking his hands into hers, noticed for the first time
the deep scars in his palms

and to the question that flared in her eyes, at such a sight, he said

“They are from the first time your soul and mine were separated by death”

“I burned them on the gates of hell”

“As I went to bring you home”

Eric Syrdal is an independent poet/author. He’s an avid gamer and Sci-Fi enthusiast. He enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy literature and spends a great deal of his writing time focused in those genres. He is from New Orleans, Louisiana, where he lives with wife and two children.  You can read more Eric’s writing at My Sword and Shield….

11 thoughts on “Guest Barista Eric Syrdal- Remittance…

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  2. Eric,

    Wow, I really love this. So normally, I try to dive into a poem and find the voice of the “other” character, but with this beautiful story, my indulgences are satiated by you! Such fantastic storytelling, my friend. Thank you for writing and thank you for sharing and thank you for guesting.


    P.S. Or… perhaps… I could revive the demon from a response to Christine… the one who stole her and brought her to hell as a prize. Nah… I leave that to you… consider it an artist’s challenge 🙂 and if you should take it up, I am confident you will have eager readers awaiting the continued story!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. i have always been intrigued by two souls wandering looking for each other from the time i watched a particular Twilight zone episode. I loved your story Eric, in a few lines you created an entire life time tale of these two destined to be together at whatever cost. I especially loved the last line. I know the determination and focus a man has to bring his love home.

    Liked by 1 person

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