By Charles Robert Lindholm
I love to sit in silence
in the darkness
in the Backside Of The Night

It’s silent
until I start to listen
to my heart beating
and the tick tocking
of the clock
on the wall across the room

I sit and wait
until I feel the Universe
whispering to me

telling me secrets
asking me questions
speaking of truth

I am happy
in these quiet times
to be alone

I don’t need
the company of others
I’m happy by myself
in the silence
in the darkness
of the night

the morning light
starts to dawn on the day
and me
and I see t
he truth
in the rooms
around me
and in my heart

Making love
is not just for fun
the rush of oneness
is meant to intertwine
two souls into
a oneness of Spirit
and an intimacy
that a single soul
cannot share
but for a fleeting moment
of sex that gives
but a glimmer
of what true love
can bring

The dawning of the day
with the morning light
streaming through the window
and into my soul
always reminds me
of you as I look around
our home
and offer
a prayer of thanks

I never
want to be
All By Myself
in a world

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

10 thoughts on “ALL BY MYSELF

  1. It is wonderful to read your work, Chuck, how you have opened up your heart and soul here. And of course… the backside of night is merely the crack of dawn.

    Liked by 1 person

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