By Charles Robert Lindholm
I love to sit in silence
in the darkness
in the Backside Of The Night

It’s silent
until I start to listen
to my heart beating
and the tick tocking
of the clock
on the wall across the room

I sit and wait
until I feel the Universe
whispering to me

telling me secrets
asking me questions
speaking of truth

I am happy
in these quiet times
to be alone

I don’t need
the company of others
I’m happy by myself
in the silence
in the darkness
of the night

the morning light
starts to dawn on the day
and me
and I see t
he truth
in the rooms
around me
and in my heart

Making love
is not just for fun
the rush of oneness
is meant to intertwine
two souls into
a oneness of Spirit
and an intimacy
that a single soul
cannot share
but for a fleeting moment
of sex that gives
but a glimmer
of what true love
can bring

The dawning of the day
with the morning light
streaming through the window
and into my soul
always reminds me
of you as I look around
our home
and offer
a prayer of thanks

I never
want to be
All By Myself
in a world

Copyright © 2018 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

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