Guest Barista Megha Sood: Saintly

Megha 3

Failed virtues of the people today
nothing can be fixed
going to church every day
You’re Catholic
and I’m pious
and we still have our fingers
dipped in the blood
of our desires
What makes you more saintly than me I ask
Oh! I pray and confess twice in the last pass
I repent my sins
and donate to charity
to evade taxes
cause I can’t stand in the stinky lines
of the soup kitchen
to feel those empty glances
I’m looking at the God
and still stripping you with my eyes
they say I’m a man of cloth
who has burned every desire
Lighting up candles
kneeling to make my wishes come true
I can kill a person’s desire to live
but I can make a saint out of you.
Reading the holy scriptures
and accepting the truth in the gospel
we are camouflaging so beautifully
hiding the devil so well.
So what makes you feel
so saintly and
makes me a devil
please, pray tell.
Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash

I’m an avid reader, loves to sing, an ardent lover of poetry and sometimes can scribble few lines too. Loves to dance in the rain, have an undying love for nature, can watch the beautiful sunset for hours. I have worked in the IT field for almost a decade as a manager, worked crazy hours and traveled around the world. In that busy schedule, I never got the time to creatively express my thoughts. Now every time I finish a poem, free verse anything it fills me with so much happiness and excitement and a feeling to have created something of my own.  I blog at Megha’s World – A potpourri of emotions.

9 thoughts on “Guest Barista Megha Sood: Saintly

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  2. Oh, wow. Excellent poem, excellent observations. How do we really know who is saint and who sinner?

    We pick up rocks,
    put them in our pockets,
    carry this heavy load around with us,
    just waiting
    for the moment when we can
    toss them.

    I too pick up rocks,
    put them in my pockets,
    carrying a heavy load?
    I am waiting,
    just waiting
    for the still waters on which
    I will skip.

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  3. such contradiction in the words that just flowed, I am humbled to read the words you wrote as a sinner myself I am so guilty of dipping my fingers in that pool of desires too. love your use of metaphors.


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