Splintered Slivers

Vision of Self Fragmentation

-By Linda Lee Lyberg

Fragments of memories cloud my mind
Jagged kaleidoscopes in brilliant hues

Splintering slivers, festering resigned
Disintegrated mosaic reflection
Expecting at last, resolutions
Upon further introspection
This is a life of evolutions.
Linda Lee Lyberg

9 thoughts on “Splintered Slivers

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  2. A good pen, Linda!

    Today, my memory’s kaleidoscope took me to favorite albums from college and before as I drove from New England to Virginia… brilliant work by the likes of Rick Springfield, Working Class Dog (LOL… for reals, I was a total Rick junkie in the early days of my musical awakening) and Simple Minds, Street Fighting Years (a moody masterpiece, IMO). Music remains a great companion to find one’s way back to the evolution of the heart, one I hope continues well into 2018.

    Happy New Year!

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