Guest Barista Varnika Jain-Burning Bridges

Varnika 1

Get me some coffee blacker than my heart

There’s no use in going back to the start

Square one, ground zero, pfft, all poof!

They make my life look like a long-running spoof!

I’ve got no time to hit rewind and no care for bloopers.

In the eating lies a pudding’s proof

There’s been enough spent on covering up the goof

No looking back

No keeping track

Spreading like wildfire

Is my heart’s one true desire.

Varnika Jain is prone to having verbal epiphanies in the midst of all the cacophony surrounding her life.  She is a voracious reader, vociferous eater and a vehemently passionate writer. You can read more of her writing at Moonlighting Scrivener where you can find her changing the world, one word at a time.

4 thoughts on “Guest Barista Varnika Jain-Burning Bridges

  1. Ah… coffee… perhaps it is time to reboot my In the Cafe series:

    Poor some cream in my black heart, please, barista
    Make it whole, done with half and half, done with skim.
    But no sweetener, not yet, I need to savor this bitter taste
    To wake the beat of my heart, finding its rhythm yet again.

    Welcome Varnika Jain and thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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