Guest Barista Aurora Phoenix-Breeze Feather

Feathered hint of a breeze

Tickles, nearly imperceptible

Traces in teasing giggles

Along skin’s razored edges

Soothes with wafted promises

Strewn amidst heat-sharpened day

Aurora Phoenix is a wordsmithing oxymoron. Staid suburbanite cloaks a badass warrior wielding weapon grade phrases. Read more of her confabulations at Insights from “Inside.”

12 thoughts on “Guest Barista Aurora Phoenix-Breeze Feather

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  2. I drift like a puff, floating along behind my twisted siblings
    And our cousin Gale, who always wants so much more than a whisper.
    The giggle, that clarion call of child who waits under the pimpled skin
    For my whisper, like that playmate from the cul-de-sac who puts down her books
    For an hour to come out and play, discovering the worlds of her words are alive
    In these fields of our imagination that we plant before us with each joyous step
    Of a dance silly children know without instruction and without discipline, gold
    Has no value when compared to the glistening skin of two children in love.

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  3. oh Aurora this makes me think of an afternoon delight and I am blushing with all the feelings of an adolescent girl, you create such sweet tantalising images. its no wonder Stephen was so inspired, very beautiful poetry.


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