By Charles Robert Lindholm

They meet
the day after Christmas
as agreed

They sat across
the table from each other
in an eerie silence

I placed the papers
in front of them
for signatures

And with the
stroke of a pen
their forever ended
in silence

No words
were needed
and none
were spoken

He got up
and quickly left
she remained
and softly sobbed

I know
that funerals
are not as sad
or as painful
as when there
is an intentional
end to love

After a few moments
she dried her eyes
and left
no words were needed
and none were spoken

but in my soul
I thought of Spring
and in my heart
I wished a
forever love
would find her

Copyright © 2017  Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Read the sequel to this – Her Resolution to be posted on 12-31-2017

Inspirational credit to Tosha Michelle’s title “No Words
Many thanks to My Friend – Mr. Militant Negro for yet again directing
me to another wonderful author with his gracious reblogs!!

5 thoughts on “NO WORDS WERE NEEDED

    • Thank you for your heartfelt comment! I’m glad you enjoyed read this! Sometimes heartbreak opens the door to a better life! I found my soulmate of 17 years after going through that same kind of heartache. It prevents me from being too upset at my Ex for leaving! It sometimes hard to see that some experiences are stepping stones to better things! Thanks so much for your view. Come and visit me on my site??


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