By Charles Robert Lindholm

You cannot hide
behind lies
you tell
the world
if you write

The lines you write
portray you
in a spotlight
of truth
and betray you

There is nowhere
to hide in poetry

the shadows
between the lines
that normally
shield you
from view
everywhere else
won’t work
if you write

reveals the truth
about your heart
and soul
in your words

Your words
Betray you
if you are a liar
and a fraud

They will accuse you
in front of the world

Don’t write poetry
if you love the darkness
and lying

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm  – All Rights Reserved
Inspired by Nicole Lyons’ marvelous “On Poetry – 1

3 thoughts on “YOUR WORDS BETRAY YOU

  1. Much truth in your words, Chuck. You have to dig deep to understand a poem. That’s when it is possible to reach underlying meaning, and discover genuine feelings. My thanks for your impressive output and for the inspiration you have given me throughout the past year. My best wishes for 2018.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Roland!! I have really appreciated your visits/likes and comments! I always know when I’ve done well if I get a comment from you!!! You are right about poems. There is a lot that lies between the lines in the shadows that you do have to look closely to see.

      I’m honored to think that I had any hand in inspiring you!! I am so grateful for your support and our friendship! Wishing you and yours the best New Year ever!!!


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