Guest Barista Eric Syrdal: Ribbons of Gold…

She rouses
from her darkened bedchamber
below my horizon
her ladies have toiled
to smooth each wrinkle and ripple
of luminescent beauty in her gowns
and they have done up her hair
in ribbons of gold
she ascends the stairs
to the roof of the world
and I
as a passing peasant
stop and still the air in my lungs
to see her pulchritudinous procession
ever an admirer of Lady Eos
I’ve naught to offer her
except a few words upon this page
though I would
count myself among men
as Achilles and Hercules
if she would join me
for cafe’ au lait
at the Cafe Du Monde
we could watch my city stir
from her sultry sleep
and I would offer my handkerchief
to wipe the powdered sugar
from the nose
of a Goddess

Eric Syrdal is an independent poet/author. He’s an avid gamer and Sci-Fi enthusiast. He enjoys reading science fiction and fantasy literature and spends a great deal of his writing time focused in those genres. He is from New Orleans, Louisiana, where he lives with wife and two children.  You can read more Eric’s writing at My Sword and Shield….

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