Davy D and Howard Bond with this week’s Poetic Beats. Winter is the theme for this episode.

Inside the Mind of Davy D

Poetic Beats

Welcome to this week’s edition of Poetic Beats with Howard Bond and Davy D, recorded on the 4th of December 2017 on Red Kite Radio.

Winter (at least the calendar Winter) has arrived in the UK. In today’s programme we read and discuss Davy D’s poem Winter, as well at looking at five amazing facts about Winter and snow that you may not have heard.

If you have difficulty accessing the recording a text version of the poem is provided after the sound bar.

To hear this episode please press the arrow to the left of the sound bar.


She dropped in last night.
It had been a while.
I missed her at first,
too busy slaying dragons
in the Kingdom of Nod.

Her calling card of white blankets and
grey sky fire the child in me.
Visions of snowball fights
And snowmen draw me outside.

Her icy…

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