Imelda/My Wall


Doors lead to doors
I only enter with trepidation
what’s in store
behind the door
Hope is my pray’r.

I am not a seer
I could not count all the costs
but I am fairly sure
choices have consequences
some come soon
others later.
I am afraid
to open a door
even if I just stand
out in the cold
afraid to move
or content to be still
life goes on
I am changed
and often moved
to a door
that’s not of my choosing.

Doors lead to doors
opening and closing
Is there a door
that brings one back to the beginning?

lead to doors
what do I gain
what do I lose
by being?


Written with DVERSE Jazzy prompt in mind.  I am not a jazzy or hip hop kind of gal so I am not sure if this one met the poetic standards…

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