Shin Kicker


-By Linda Lee Lyberg

Shin kicker at three
A tiny slip of a girl
Her emotions ran free.

She took one look and whirled
Gave a solid kick to his knee
You’ll never be my father
You big old ugly beast!


Linda Lee Lyberg
Author’s Note: True story- this is what happened when I first met my stepfather -to -be.

13 thoughts on “Shin Kicker

  1. LOL!! Love it! Reminds me of my youngest! When they were 5 and went to register for kindergarten they nicely took the little tests, like writing your ABC’s and numbers. Afterwards as we went to leave my precious child looked straight at the adults who were doing the registering and said, “Just so you know, I am NOT going to Kindergarten!” Then turned and walked away! As I stood there red-faced.

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