6 thoughts on “HAIKU: THE SEA CALLS TO ME

    • Thank you Gina! Your comments are always high praise for me! I’m still working hard to make it into the “Special Save” category! Ha!

      Yes, I feel exactly the same way about the sea! I am still amazed at how my heart hears your thoughts! I just wrote a Haiku with that exact topic on the 27th! I will post it tonight (11-29-17) late central U.S. time. You make me hear the theme song from the old “Twilight Zone” (before your time). Very interesting show if you can get it on Netflix.
      Hope you have a great day!
      Link to Twilight Zone Theme Song

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      • Twilight Zone was my favourite series growing up though we saw it almost 10 years after the US release date, my dad and i watched black and white episodes, i have a few favourites, especially the one where my favourite yeats poem is quoted – “when you are old” – where this person travels through time looking for his soulmate. very touching episode and of course the goblin on the air plane wing and missing keys we misplaced that live in another dimension not yet created in the minutes we live in. i could go on! your words are very beautiful Charles as you write from personal experience without reservation. looking forward to reading that haiku later. blessings on you always my friend.


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