By Charles Robert Lindholm 

My words
always wonder
and worry
if they are worthy
of your time 

They long to be loved
and looked upon
and valued
by those who have a need,
a hunger and thirst
in their soul and spirit 

Those who are not afraid
to let their heartstrings
be touched
or tears
fall from their eyes
or their imaginations
run wild with passions
that burn memories
on their soul

My words
wonder and worry
if they are worthy
of your precious time 

They lust for your eyes
to read them
and for you
to let them touch
your heart and soul
for a moment
and hope
it will be enough
to tempt you
to return again

like a lover
wanting more 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved


  1. Chuck,

    Great words to read today, the first Saturday after giving thanks for the air that remains in my lungs, the words that remain in my pen, and the people who remain in my life. I am grateful for you and happy to be welcomed back with such a beautiful poem.


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    • Oh My Friend! It is so great to hear from you! Just read your email to the Cafe and am hopeful to have a small piece of you back with us, if only sitting “in the corner”. And I, Dear Sir, am so grateful to have you in my life too! You have been a blessing and inspiration to me! I’m so glad you enjoyed this piece! I tried to capture the way a poet feels and tries to accomplish by writing! I appreciate your personal comments for me!

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  2. Your words are worthy every time you write them. I think this poem says what all writers think and want. Your words are very valued in my life and touch me every time I read them. Sorry I have been so absent from WordPress. I do miss you.
    Beth Amanda

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    • Oh, My Dear! You are always too sweet and generous with your comments! I so appreciate your views/comments!!! You make me so happy that you felt that way because that is what I was going for! You make me proud and blush at the same time. Please see my “I’m Jealous Of The Words I Write”

      I know that life gets in the way sometimes but I surely understand! Looking forward to having your back, because I miss you too! Especially our joint efforts – Blissful!

      Hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!!

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