By Charles Robert Lindholm 

Each morning
I sit and watch
the Eastern horizon
start to glow 

with the tiniest
sliver of light
at the edge of the earth 

as morning
slowly chases
the night
and the darkness
in an endless ritual 

that I am,
I come to
watch and wait
for the sunlight
to dance
across my
window pane 

as it warms
my heart
and fills my soul
with the joy
and gratitude
I feel
at meeting
a brand new day
to love
and remember 

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved

Many thanks to my Dear Friend, Dorinda Duclos for her recent encouragement for me to “write more”!  I’m trying my bestest!

Please read the inspirational works and words from Dorinda at dorindaduclos.com


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