By Charles Robert Lindholm

I Chased The Storm
And The Blinding Light
That Mesmerized My Heart
I Was Overwhelmed
With The Thunder And Fury
Of Her Soul
Blowing Away
My Fears And Inhibitions

I Chased The Storm,
And Fool That I Am,
I Looked Into Her Eyes
And Fell Into The Fire
Burning There
And The Desire
Consumed Me

I Chased The Storm
And Caught Her
I Have The Scars
To Prove It
But No One
Tames The Wind
As She Move On
To Another

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved
Inspired by the phrase “I chased a flash of light” from the poem “Rare and Precious” by Amanda Elfert at – http://spillwords.com/rare-and-precious/

4 thoughts on “I CHASED THE STORM

    • Thanks! I have a thing about storms, lightening and thunder! I guess I just love to see Mother Nature angry. LOL! A dangerous fascination!
      I am now indebted to you, My Friend for helping to inspire me to write a new piece from simply answering your comment. Strange beginnings? It is “Mother Nature Is Angry”


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