Coffee Shop Stories: A Shout Out To Quietude

Ward Clever

Ward Clever

Thoughts written in a coffee shop…

“So you think you may like me, huh, kid? Well, there are a few rules. First, I may suddenly disappear for hours, with no warning.”

Okay, off to a bad start. Used ‘kid’ – may be offensive. ‘Rules’ too constrictive – suggest ‘guidelines.’ ‘Suddenly’ makes ‘without warning’ redundant – suggest getting rid of one or the other. I chose to ditch the whole thing and switch to narration mode.

The wine sat in the window ledge, two glasses beside it. Lonely, with no curtains, nothing. It was the chill of fall, but she decided to sit outside at a table with all the chairs up but one – for him, I wondered?

I sat at the window rail in a shop that had coffee, wine and chocolate. I only had the first of those three. A coffee shop. My signature move. Yet, I had…

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