Not A Day- Eric (EDC Writing), Guest Barista

You may not want to read this

You may feel I don’t deserve you

You may wish you didn’t know me

Maybe you’ve given up on me

I may have got it wrong

In so many ways that’s me

 I may have got you wrong

 In what you need of me

 There’s not a day you’re not with me

There’s not a day I’ll not smile

There will never be a day

I’ll not wonder how you are


To read more of Eric’s writing, visit Believing Sight Unseen – EDC Writing

4 thoughts on “Not A Day- Eric (EDC Writing), Guest Barista

  1. Reading this I wonder if this person is gone (dead or moved on) or if looking back the speaker has regrets and is noting their mistakes. Also, I look at it and think that the relationship could be going on and speaker again, Notes their mistakes. Overall, I think he or she needs confidence, to believe in themselves. Everyone makes mistakes and even though it’s hard at times, we just have to move on apologizing to the other person if it requiresbut especially forgiving ourselves at sometime. For me, I have found that even if it’s years later, giving ourselves the apology (forgiveness) we wanted this other person to tell us, to bring us closure, works wonders b/c it allows us to move on. Just my thoughts, great poem!

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  2. I started writing late in life, prose I thought it was, yet told it was more poetic-prose and from that I got into writing/blogging my take on poetry. My poems tend to be instinctive, of the moment, usually written early morning in England. I have no particular form in mind, other than that it flows, using simple words but with their meaning, as you so aptly showed, dependent upon the reader, and each time read not always the same interpretation. I confuse myself sometimes, even with my six word stories! I believe all relationships are ongoing, they shape the being you are, and yes you are absolutely right, apologising works both ways, you to someone and you to yourself. Thank you so much for your thoughts and making me think too. And thank you to Christine/ Brave and Reckless, for giving me space here at the Go Dog Go Cafe on yet another Thursday.


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