By Charles Robert Lindholm

I wake up
each morning
at my oasis
and soak
in the beauty
of your smile
in the soft
light of dawn

I drink in
the sweet kisses
from your lips
that quench
the thirsting
in my soul
and somehow
they fill my heart
with your love

Enough to last
me through
another day
in the desert
of reality

Enough to leave
me longing
and needing
and wanting

My heart
knows the way back
the need
of the North Star

An instinctual
and internal
sense of home
that returns me
back to the love
we share

And to you
My Oasis

Copyright © 2017 Charles Robert Lindholm – All Rights Reserved Inspired by “FEARLESS” on

8 thoughts on “YOU ARE MY OASIS

  1. I am humbled that my words could inspire such a great piece of poetry. Reading your words is like looking inside my heart when I think back to why I wrote Fearless in the first place. You’ve captured the essence of that oasis perfectly!

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  2. It is I who is so grateful for you capturing the magic and power in your words on this subject! They spoke to my heart and perfectly depicted the wonderful joy of what it is like to have a soulmate that is the oasis of my life! I can’t tell you how much of a thrill it was to have those words nudge my soul and then find the words flowing out of my heart like a spring in the desert!

    It is my joy to know your feelings about your piece “Fearless” and that my work struck a chord in your heart too. It is an honor for me to have this piece blossom from your words! Thank you so very much for taking the time to share your thoughts and feelings in your comment! I will be gleaning through your works in the future, My Friend!!!


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