My Friend-Eugenia, Guest Barista


You know life’s not a straight line

Brimming with imperfect perfection

There’s no commiserating my selection

 or trusting my flimsy perception

A sincere and dear friend indeed

Hiding your misshapen deeds

Though a dedicated bestie you are

Your missteps are obvious by far

I’ve redefined my destination

I fiddle with anticipation

Coz, you and I, we don’t see eye to eye

Yet there’s no bidding goodbye

Though there’s mishmash in the mix

The next chapter portends a fix

Eugenia blogs at ThusNSuch and BrewNSpew She invites you to have a cuppa at the Tuesday Chatter Cafe.

7 thoughts on “My Friend-Eugenia, Guest Barista

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  2. So happy you posted as a guest barista! This was great! Loved so many of your lines – “life is not a straight line” – wonderful understatement! Also, your “I fiddle with anticipation”. I think we all “fiddle” – play by ear. Thanks for posting on the Cafe and being such a big supporter of everyone!


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