Bleeding Words

Varnika Jain/Moonlighting Scrivener

Moonlighting Scrivener

She didn’t realise it at first,

The subtle changes in her life.

Then they crept into her writings,

Bleeding out through words.

Only then did she look,

Noticing nuances,

As the fluttering pages of her diary

Told her story,

The journey that she’d traveled

In beautifully crafted metaphors.

From desolation to creation,

From misery to hope

From heartbreak to cherishment,

It was all penned down

Like legendary tales of yore.

How a girl’s path meandered

Through treacherous terrains,

As she tried her best

To maneuver her way

Out of murderous ravines

And unwelcoming valleys

Overcast with dark grey clouds of loss.

How the sun’s rays slivered through

And the birds soared again.

How in the ensuing daylight

She stumbled upon

A young master of all trades

Who’s skilful manning of oars

Cut through the choppy waters

Delivering her ship ashore.

Who then built her a place of shelter

As the…

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