Poem: Free Verse – “Of Terror & The Dying” #amwriting #poetry #vegasshooting #yegstrong #GoDogGoCafe

Credit: Ian Dooley Via UnSplash

——–I wish you wouldn’t kill, I wish she wouldn’t shoot. 

I wish you didn’t feel the need, 

To take others with you in death. 

I wish you knew your pain, 

Was a problem that could’ve been helped, 

If wish you had only asked. 

I wish you weren’t indoctrinated

That morals stopped your, 

Urge to kill and wound hundreds. 

I wish you wouldn’t kill, 

I wish you wouldn’t shoot, 

I wish that you stopped yourself,

Thought of the consequences, 

I wish you’d had empathy. 

Realized everyone feels pain like you. 

Everyone has things in their life, 

That wound and maim them, 

Throughout life’s winding road;

We all feel internal pain, 

But other people choose better coping methods. 

Not to go about their wicked way, 

Taking global humanity to their knees. 

I wish you didn’t kill, 

I wish you didn’t shoot. 

I wish you didn’t choose chaos, 

That you chose understanding —

Not violence. 

I wish you knew all the family’s hurting, 

How your pain became more than your victims, 

More than the wounded and dead. 

I wish you knew how you maimed everyone —

On scene, through the online world. 

How guns are so destructive, 

When they’re attained so easily. 

That blood was flowing, 

And those with gunshot wounds suffer. 

That men and women are lying dead, 

Having lost their lives too early. 

I wish you wouldn’t kill, 

I wish you wouldn’t shoot, 

Because other people will emulate you. 

They will think your selfish choice, 

Is the right path for them too. 

I hate that you had to take, 

So many people with you. 

That you didn’t recognize, 

The sanctity of life. 

It’s ever so valuable, beyond your twisted beliefs, 

Your inner turmoil, whatever it was, 

That in your reasoning, 

Gave your actions merit.  

I wish you wouldn’t kill, 

I wish you wouldn’t shoot. 

I wish a place of celebration, 

A place of respite and vacation, 

Did not become a mass murdering location; 

Well, it did, all because of you. 

I hate that you can’t hear, 

The moans of the people you hurt. 

That you can’t look them in the eye, 

And see the their tears, their horror. 

I hate that you don’t see, 

Children who’ve lost parents. 

I hate that you did not realize, 

Your actions harmed and injured so many. 

That you were okay with this outcome, 

Of being a grim reaper. 

I hate that you probably, 

Wouldn’t have cared, 

Even if your cowardly suicide,

Hadn’t worked. 

I wish you wouldn’t kill,

I wish you wouldn’t shoot. 

That the pandemonium and suffering, 

Your victims felt and discovered, 

Is something you didn’t know on earth. 

I’m so angry that men like you, 

Choose weapons too available, to harm others. 

I’m so angry you ruined so many lives, 

I’m so angry you made a place, 

That once felt safe, 

Into a terrifying war zone. 

I’m so angry that the country, 

You caused your mayhem, 

Has far too many gun related deaths. 

And I don’t know how to halt men like you, 

How a right to bear arms, 

Oversteps someone else’s right to live. 

I can’t comprehend, 

But I heard the screams, the peppering of bullets. 

And it makes me want to cry. 

 That you were okay with, 

The consequences of your heartless choice, 

That your inner demons, 

Got the best of you, 

In such a malevolent way.  

I wish you wouldn’t kill, 

I wish you wouldn’t stab. 

I watched a terrorist ram a policemen’s car, 

Saw him soar into the air, 

But he was only a man, 

So he hadn’t any wings. 

I watched you stab him so many times, 

And he was only doing his job. 

While another mad man, 

Ran down others. 

Tried to hurt them too.

And I wish you wouldn’t slice, 

Let blood trickle and flow. 

I wish you wouldn’t use a truck, 

As a weapon to injure, cause pain. 

But I cannot see into your minds, 

And I don’t know that anyone, 

Could have changed all your minds.

All I know is you all didn’t listen, 

To the conscience inside your heads. 

All I know is your method of damage, 

Was a choice to do evil. 


I wish you wouldn’t kill, 

I wish you wouldn’t shoot, 

That you’d dealt with your own turmoil, 

In a vastly improved way. 

I know that many people think most people are good, 

But few realize being a good is a choice.

We’re not made that way, 

We learn to be good people. 

And too many choose to twist what’s good. 

And commit acts that are selfish and evil.

To many acts of terror, 

By lone men or terrorists. 

Too many opportunities, 

With access to weapons, 

Knives and guns. 

Defend your family as you must, 

But make it harder, 

So random men can’t do their evil,

Wound hundreds with bullets, 

In blood drenched mass murder. 

I wish you wouldn’t choose to kill. 

So we don’t hear the screams of the suffering and dying, 

Because we realize that ever day people, 

Who appear like me and you; 

Have a monster living within them, 

Have made the choice to murder. 

I wish they wouldn’t kill, 

I wish they wouldn’t shoot, 

But I can’t see what was inside their minds, 

Because they looked like everyone. 

Not a demon, a Lord Voldemort, or a Freddy Kruger. 

All I can send is my prayers to the broken, 

Those mourning and terrified. 

All I know is that some people choose, 

To be good people, 

And I have faith in God and them. 

All I know is that in the end, 

God will give every person justice, 

Justice that is eternal and right. 

And that someday on earth, 

We must learn to forgive

Not to become monsters, 

So we don’t commit terrifying evil too. 



Based off of the Las Vegas Shooting and Terrorism in Alberta, Canada they Day before. 


©Mandibelle16. (2017) All Rights Reserved. 


15 thoughts on “Poem: Free Verse – “Of Terror & The Dying” #amwriting #poetry #vegasshooting #yegstrong #GoDogGoCafe

  1. Pingback: “Of Terror & The Dying” – The Militant Negro™

    • That is true to some degree. There’s also a thing about making guns less available, more restricted, so people who really want them for hunting or protecting their family will gladly go through these loop holes so that less wrong hands get through the laws, protecting us all from these crazed pepper. From my perspective anyway.


      • Thank you for the video I found it a little frightening, here in England we don’t have a lot of gun crime but it’s not something we need too many innocents become victims to this type of crime.
        A happy thanksgiving to you and yours too!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh I’m sorry. I thought you were American. Yeah, I this was on FB the other day and it made an impression on me. I’m a Canadian and we don’t allow guns and don’t have all the shootings etc in the U.S. But as you’ve seen in the Video, there are frightening reasons many of us believe in better gun laws in the US. For some reason, there is just too much gun use their compared to many other first world countries.
        Thanks so much for the thanksgiving wishes! Enjoy your week!


  2. The problem I believe is that in America, The population have been bought up to think it is an accepted thing to keep a gun in your home, In my country and I’m sure yours too this would be totally unacceptable. It is not the Revolution or the Wild West anymore, so there is no valid reason for possessing a gun. Enjoy your holidays too!

    Liked by 1 person

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