Meet again where the boardwalk begins

This moment twists in on itself
A cruel freak show contortionist
Who stares agape, shock carves
A delta from his made up eyes.

If only it would twist into a pretzel
With lots of salt
That we’d eat with mustard
Like two kids walking a boardwalk,

Gulls, stalking them,
Their fingers’ taffy sticky
Stuck together,
The sweetness like glue.

They cannot imagine the people
Walking beside them
Walking counter to them
Two kids talking about everything.

The oceans inside their hearts
At once calm, at once stormed.
They find their turtle shell
And build a home inside.

This moment, twists like a contortionist:
The boardwalk ends, taffy shops close,
Kids depart; apart long enough to think up
New ocean creatures. Aloe sun burns.

One thought on “Meet again where the boardwalk begins

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